The Smart Series Regulator, or SSR, is a voltage regulator for motorcycles that reduces energy waste. This saved energy results in less fuel burned and reduced emissions. With this load taken off your bike, your engine will have a little more power as well.

Close to 95% of all motorcycle voltage regulators are shunt type because they work, are simple to design and super cheap to manufacture. So what’s the problem? Shunt regulators waste energy.  Even when  the bike’s electrical energy needs are low, the shunt regulator applies an unnecessary drag on the engine –  robbing power from the bike and turning it into heat.

This energy waste causes higher fuel consumption, higher emissions, and decreased performance.  The rider’s cost of ownership is higher over the life time of the motorbike. However, because they are cheap to produce, most motorcycle manufacturers still use this outdated shunt regulation technology. Our goal has been to create a reliable regulator that reduces this energy waste and is cost-competitive with shunt regulators, in the hopes of replacing them as the industry standard.

The solution is for motorcycles to use a series type regulator. Series type regulators perform the same function but are more efficient.  They take the load off the engine when electrical energy needs are low, saving fuel for the owner and reducing emissions to the environment.

*Tests done on the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC) and compared to a standard shunt-type regulator.

The SSR features a microprocessor control system to achieve the series regulation technique. This allowed us to implement features that are unique to our regulator from all the different regulators we have seen. Smart temperature monitoring systems ensure that the regulator will never overheat and burn up.  Starting is improved because the SSR detects and waits for stable idle before applying load to the engine. The processor is constantly monitoring the status of the bike and keeping a precise control on the voltage levels and charge.

SSR also features a redesigned case. The compartment for the electronics was made wider and shallower. This allows for more surface area between the electronics and the case to evenly distribute heat, and the shallow tray makes room for deeper fins that dissipate heat faster. The 25 and 40 amp versions have a dark case that helps to radiate heat faster than most lighter or metallic-colored regulators.

The SSR’s predecessor has racked up millions of hours of consistent performance on over a hundred-thousand motorcycles. With SSR, we strive to take our record of reliability and make a regulator that you can always count on.

With shunt regulators current is always flowing through the stator regardless of whether the bike needs power or not. This increases the likelihood of stator burnout.

But with the SSR and series regulators in general, stator current is turned off when the bike doesn’t need electrical power, allowing to stator and regulator to run cooler.

If you have a shunt regulator and want to switch to a more energy-efficient LED headlight, you should also switch to a series regulator.  The LED headlamps will reduce the electrical load on the bike, but increase the shunt load on the regulator.  SSR solves this problem.

Note: The 25 & 40 amp versions do not have a specific connector and will be provided with wire splices.

Back in 2012 we took on a project to help a motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan reduce emissions in their bikes as the government moved to enact stricter emissions laws. At this time, the country had close to 13-15 million motorcycles – about two for every three people. For Taiwan alone, vehicle emissions add up to over 400,000 tons of Carbon monoxide and 100,000 tons of hydrocarbons.

Our regulator was in production by 2013 and within the next two years was incorporated in over a hundred thousand motorcycles in Taiwan. It has been very reliable in the field. We have taken our ideas for this first regulator and have been developing a newer version of the Smart Series Regulator that is more affordable and efficient than the existing one.

Prototype Bike1
Prototype Bike2
Development pic1
Development pic2
Development pic3

That brings us to the present. We need your help. With so many motorcycles in the world, even a small change in their emissions would have great effects.

We want to raise awareness about the wastes of shunt regulators, and help to provide a better alternative. Our goal is to make the SSR avaliable and affordable to as many people as possible. Come help us engineer a cleaner future.